Figure cat is a collection of 5,555 generated NFTs on etherium.
Figure Cat is an NFT collection of 5,555 randomly generated cats that living on Ethereum blockchain. Every cats are unique and created from handcrafted traits with different rarities.
25% Minted
We would like to show our apprepiation by airdropping NFT to early supporters.
50% Minted
5% of primary sales will be donated to cat charities to protect and save lives of cats and kittens.
75% Minted
Exclusive unique 3D NFT will be given to lucky supporters who own at least 5 NFT.
100% Minted

10% of primary sales will be donated to cat charities

Metaverse characters will be distributed to all verified holders.

Land purchase across metaverses (Sandbox, decentraland) to host community events.

Enable DAO system that allow holder voting power to make decision for project.

75% of royalty fee collected from secondary market will be allocated to grow the community, fund and collab with other projects. 25% will be given back to lucky supporters.

Designer & Artist
Founder & Developer
Web & Blockchain Developer
How many NFTs are there?
When can I mint?
What is mint price?
How many cats I can mint?
Are the cat store on chain?
Is there a white-list?
What is reward to NFT holder?
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